Google Play Store is a well-known Android app store to download and install Android apps. It is the same place where you can update apps that you have already installed. Like any other tools, Google Play Store may bring you errors occasionally despite its stable version. If you have issues in your device or internet connection, you will face errors. However, those errors are resolvable and this article deals entirely on this.

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Google Play Store Errors and Fixes

The possible Google Play Store errors, issues, and the respective fixes are discussed here. Just follow the fixes given below to use Play Store without any further issues.

1. Play Store Won’t Open, Load, or Download Apps

Issues 1: With this error, the users will not be able to download or install apps, games, music, movies, etc, from Play Store.

Issue 2: Additionally, Play Store will fail to open, load, or download apps. Sometimes, apps will crash after you open it.

Issue 3: App updating process will get stuck and it will never get finished.

For any such issues, the following three fixes will help you out.

Fix 1: Ensure your device is connected to the strong WiFi or internet connection.

Fix 2: Try clearing the cache and data of Play Store.

  • Open Settings app > select Apps & notifications > choose See all apps. Scroll down and click Google Play Store > tap Storage > select Clear Cache. Then click on Clear Data and then try opening Play Store.
Clear Cache & Data
Clear Cache & Data

Fix 3: Just restart your device if you still face the same issue with Play Store.

  • Press and hold the power button. Choose Restart/Power Off option on the pop-up menu.

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2. Google Play Store Stopped Working

Issue 1: If Google Play Store fails to work and you will not see any code.

Issue 2: Play Store will stop working unexpectedly or misbehaves.

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Fix 1: Firstly, try to restart your Android device to check if this resolves Play Store not working issue.

  • Press and hold the power button to choose the Restart option.

Fix 2: A simple force closing Google Play Store will resolve this issue.

  • Open Settings app > choose Apps option.
  • Select Google Play Store > tap on Force Stop.

Fix 3: If either of the above solutions fails to work, then try to disable WiFi connection for a few seconds and then turn it on.

  • Just swipe down the screen on Android and tap on WiFi icon twice to turn off and on.

Fix 4: Alternatively, you shall turn on the airplane mode to refresh the connection and check if Play Store works.

  • Swipe down the screen of Android phone and tap on Airplane icon twice to turn it on and off.

Fix 5: Clear cache memory of Play Store and check whether it is working.

  • Open Settings app > tap on Apps > select Google Play Store.
  • Click on Storage > press Clear Cache button.

Note: Just follow the same steps and simply click the Clear Data option to delete the Play Store data.

Fix 6: Check if the date and time are correct on your Android phone.

  • Go to Settings > select Date & Time > click Automatic date & time option.
Enable Automatic Data & Time
Enable Automatic Data & Time

Fix 7: When the problem persists, you can opt to reset your Google Play Services.

  • Launch Settings > select Backup and Reset > click on Factory Data Reset.
Click on Factory Data Reset
Click on Factory Data Reset

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3. Unfortunately Google Play Services has Stopped

Issue 1: Play Service would stop at times if it is an outdated version. As a result, you will not be able to access the Play Store.

Fix 1: Check if Google Play Services has any latest version. Just uninstall Play Services and reinstall it again.

  • Click Settings > Security > Device administrators > Deactivate Android Device Manager.
  • To uninstall Play Services, go to Settings > select Application Manager > click on All option. Press Google Play Services > tap on Uninstall Updates.
  • To reinstall Play Services, click on Settings > choose Security > click Device Administrators > tap on Activate Android Device Manager. Reboot your Android device and check if Google Play Service has stopped issue is resolved.

Fix 2: Clear Cache of Google Play Services and Service Framework and check if it resolves Unfortunately Google Play services has stopped issue.

  • To clear cache of Play Services, go to Settings > Apps > Google Play Services > Force Stop > Clear Caches.
  • To wipe cache of Play Service Framework, go to Settings > Apps > Google Services Framework app > Force Stop > Clear Caches option.

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Other Possible Play Store Error Codes & Fixes

Play Store Error RH-01

Fix 1: When you get Play Store Error RH-01, then try clearing the cache of Play Store.

Error RH-01 in Google Play Store
Error RH-01 in Google Play Store

Fix 2: Also, you can check for the date and time. If this doesn’t work, then try clearing Play Store Cache and Data.

Fix 3: Remove Google account and add it once again.

  • To remove Google Account, go to Settings > Accounts > Google Account > Remove Account > tap on Remove account on pop-up.
  • To add the Google Account, click on Settings > Accounts > Add Account > enter your Google account details.

Play Store Error 495/492/491/927/925/504/413/RPC:AEC:0

Fix 1: Firstly restart your Android device.

  • Press and hold the power button > select Restart.

Fix 2: Connect Android device with a different internet or WiFi connection.

Fix 3: Uninstall Play Store update to fix Play Store Error 495.

  • To do so, go to Settings > Apps & notifications > select Google Play Store. Press three vertical dots > click on Uninstall Updates.

Fix 4: Clear Storage of Google Play Store and Google Service Framework to check if this has resolved the issue.

  • Launch Settings > Apps & notifications > Google Play Store > Storage. Click on Clear Storage > tap OK on pop-up.
  • Go back to press three vertical dots > Show System > select Google Services Framework. Select Storage > Clear Storage > tap OK button.

Fix 5: Remove your Google account and add the same account once again into your Android device.

Have an Eye!

Check if your device has enough of free space. This may sometimes cause Play Store server error.

Similarly, ensure your SD is set up properly. Try ejecting the SD card and re-insert it.

Check for System updates and this may sometimes help fix Play Store server error.

  • Open Settings > System > Advanced > System update > check for update

When any of the possible fixes fail to resolve the issue, then do a factory reset.

  • Launch Settings > Advanced Settings > select Backup & reset > scroll down to select Factory data reset. Click on Reset Phone to confirm.

To Conclude

Almost all of the possible Google Server Errors and other possible error cases are listed here. When you face any such errors or issues, try doing the respective fixes to resolve it efficiently. Comment below if you are stuck somewhere and we will help you.